Birthrates Decline for Teens

MASON CITY, IA – Although it may not seem like it with TV shows like Teen Mom on the air, new numbers are showing teen pregnancy rates are actually on the decline.

Those numbers are showing a decreased rate in all of the states over the past five years but officials with the Mercy Medical Center North Iowa believe teens in our particularly area are being well educated about sex.

Dr. Stephen Thorn said, “Minnesota and Iowa are the two states that have decreased the most and a lot of it is because the young people are made more aware of the outcomes of having sex at an early age.”

Experts say an increase in education about sex and the availability of contraceptives are two key components about why birthrates have fallen in out two states

“I think that our teenagers are smarter than we think,” Dr. Thorn said. “They don’t want to be that way, they want to get educated, they want to go other places, they want to do other things and to have a baby at this point in their life is maybe not the best way to go.”


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