Now Hiring

Now Hiring

ALBERT LEA, MN — A quick drive through some towns in our area may have you seeing a lot of “now hiring” signs and that is always a good thing to see.

Not everyone may have a sign saying “now hiring,” but it is likely that if you stop in at places like Hy-Vee in Albert Lea for an application, you will find out they are, in fact, hiring.

“We’re getting ready to hire about twelve more people, so it’d be nice to get the talent in here and give them a start,” said Amanda Buchanan, Human Resources Manager for the Albert Lea Hy-Vee.

She said hiring employees happens on a consistent basis.

“I usually do cycles every two to three weeks to where we hire in more people depending on the situation or the season. People kind of come and go with the part time positions,” Buchanan said.

But part time positions are not the only choices.

“The jobs marketplace has an extreme abundance of openings right now, which means the candidates that are jobs searching actually have a lot of options,” said Laura Lunde of Manpower.

Employers do not want to stay short staffed; otherwise they are left paying their current employees a lot of overtime. Instead they work to bring in new workers to fill the void.

“We’re definitely noticing that things are starting to pick up. Seasonally, we had a slow start to spring, but things are really kind of in that moving phase right now where companies are looking to hire and they’re looking to hire at an extremely fast pace,” Lunde said.

Since it seems like the job candidates have the upper hand, employers are forced to try harder to lure them in to their location.

“Having to offer certain benefits, hiring bonuses, incentives to pull people into their workforce as opposed to their competitor down the road who is choosing from the same candidate pool,” Lunde said.

Whether it is cashiering as a way to pay for school or staying on board for the long haul, human resources will stay busy at Hy-Vee.

“We usually get kids in that we start at 16 so we keep them a couple of years and then they go off to college and then we replace those,” Buchanan said.

Lunde said all of these available positions allow candidates to pick and choose jobs based on their preferences for hours, benefits and more. That is something that was not really an option a few years ago.

Unemployment rates are working their way down in our area. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that as of May, Iowa’s unemployment rate was just over 4.5 percent. Minnesota’s rate is just over five percent.

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