There’s Still Time to get Beach Ready

MASON CITY, IA – Summer is the time to break those lazy winter habits and get out and enjoy the weather.

Setting fitness goals is a perfect way to stay motivated and help you get fit for beach and pool season.

Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant at Anytime Fitness, Charles Green said, “a person should be shooting for the three components of fitness engaging some muscle, doing some cardiovascular activities and pursuing some flexibility type activities.”

The most important step of getting in shape for the summer is to stay active and incorporating these three components during your day is easier than you might think.

Choosing to walk somewhere instead of drive or going to the beach and getting in the water with the kids are fun and enjoyable ways to burn calories.

However, the sun and heat can be draining on our bodies so remembering to eat foods with natural energy, like fruits and vegetables, can provide a pick-me-up after being outside all day.

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