Background of Michael Cisneros

Michael Cisneros

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MASON CITY, IA – Jacob Nester is still in a state of disbelief to hear that a fellow coworker of his has been arrested as a main suspect in a homicide case.

“I was dumb-founded honestly, didn’t know what to say. My wife told me over the phone and I just kind of sat there and I mean he really, it was just strange,” said Nester.

Nester worked with Michael Cisneros back in 2006 at Chicago Dawg.

“We were really friendly, he was a nice guy. We talked to each other before work, after work, during work obviously, but he was a really nice guy I couldn’t see him doing this,” said Nester.

For Nester, it’s hard to believe that the man he remembers as a shy guy is now accused of kidnapping a toddler in 1994, when Cisneros was 18 years old.

John Snyder Junior was taken from 10 S. Adams apartments while his father was sleeping.

His body was found just east of the Pennsylvania Bridge along Willow Creek.

During the search, law enforcement found the baby’s pajama bottoms and diaper.

The pajamas had DNA evidence of the likely suspect.

Investigators, including Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Mike Kapfl, matched that to Cisneros after his DNA went into a state database.

“DNA profile was then consistently compared to the forensic database that contains samples from crime scenes and in the hopes that a match will eventually occur, as it did in this case,” said Krapfl.

But for Nester, this news of his former coworker is still a lot to take in.

“I’ve been thinking about it pretty much since I’ve heard and I really can’t see him doing it, he was to nice of a guy to shy, he was really shy,” said Nester.

Cisneros is now being held at the Cerro Gordo County Jail on a first degree murder charge.

No bond has been set, and neither has a court date.

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