Mason City Wins ‘Write and Play’ Contest


MASON CITY, IA – After being down in the polls and sitting in third place all this week, Mason City came back and won the Playworld System ‘Write and Play’ contest.

The results were released last night and Mason City won by 3,000 votes.

Sarah Swegle, founder of Friends of Parker’s Woods and the one who started the project said,

The city has been raising money to put up new play sets in the area for a while and with the new developments of winning the contest, it took their plans to the next level.

“We were going to install the 5-12 year-old play set this summer hopefully, or early this fall because we raised $93,000 which is amazing. What this means is that we can install the 3-5 year-old play set as well,” Swegle said.

The park is not only meaningful for Swegle and her family, but she recognized how beneficial this would be for the area.

“When we started looking at who else could use this park, it’s everyone from Hoover Elementary students, to the Charlie Brown Daycare that’s across the street,” Swegle said.

Discussions on layout and when construction will start will begin in the next couple of weeks but Swegle said they hope to be up and running before the snow flies.

“We want to take this park from forgotten to fun and family friendly, that’s the goal.”

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