Online Exams Put Driving Knowledge to the Test

Online Drivers License Test

OSAGE, IA- Technology is allowing new drivers and those with a few miles under their belts test their driving knowledge.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has released their online version of its drivers license practice test.

Many of us remember how stressful it was taking that written drivers license or even permit test when we were teens, but now being able to get a peek at what exam questions are like beforehand, is helping to ease that anxiety just a little.

14-year-old matthew klaes is getting ready for some driving lessons.

He has his learning permit, but says taking the test to get it was quite stressful.

Driving Student, Matthew Klaes said, “A lot of people said they didn’t do too great, so I was nervous.”

Luckily, he had some help to pass with flying colors. The Iowa Department of Transportation has released full online versions of their driving license practice tests.

Matthew says it made the difference.

He said, “It helped a lot when I took the actual permit test because, it prepared me I guess.”

Local driving instructor, Mike Ghere says he tells his students to take those types of exams before he let’s them get behind the wheel.

He said, “They absorb it – I feel like they absorb it quicker,so when I get them, I used to have to introduce the information and and now they’re aware of it.”

That’s because actually going through example test questions helps all that information soak in.

Ghere said, “It’s actually trying to make the student think about what they’re doing, it takes them away from just the question and into the reality of driving.”

And Matthew agrees.

He said, “It tells you what you need to know and what you don’t need to know. And if you don’t know something, you can look up more information on it.”

Even if you’re the most experienced driver, it never hurts to brush up on the rules of the road.

Ghere said, “It’s good it’s kinda fun to refresh yourself on some of the things and laws change a little bit and even the styles of teaching it.”

And with a little help from technology and plenty of instruction, Matthew is just one step closer to driving solo.

He said, “I felt older, just free. I don’t know, more responsibility.”

Iowa Drivers License Practice Test


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