APNewsBreak: 2 fired after Iowa hazing inquiry

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa trooper and a state gaming agent are seeking their jobs back after being fired following an investigation into a hazing incident at an Iowa police academy in 2008.

Former Division of Criminal Investigation agent Andrew Harrelson said Wednesday that he was accused of hazing and verbally intimidating a 21-year-old recruit, including putting powder on him after others handcuffed to a bed. Harrelson denies the allegations and says he was shocked to be accused by the fellow officer, who waited years to complain.

Trooper Joshua Guhl is also accused of being involved. Guhl declined an interview request.

The State Police Officers Council is representing Guhl and Harrelson in arbitration proceedings. Executive director Sue Brown says they have “excellent cases.”

Polk County prosecutors declined to file charges in the case.

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