Four Legged Donors


MASON CITY, IA – You often hear of people donating their blood to help others in need.

But you may be surprised to know that man’s best friend can also do this good deed.

Many veterinarians accept donations of dog blood – to help other canines who may need it.

Locally this does happen…but not very often.

“In our area, we don’t have a lot of call for it, so we don’t bank it, we don’t have it on hand. We will occasionally if we need to go get AJ and he will donate after doing some cross matching,” says Dr. Michelle LaCoste at Veterinarian at Animal Medical Hospital.

In order for a dog to be eligible to donate – they have to be at least 60 pounds and free of any communicable diseases.

And greyhounds, are one of the only breeds that are universal donors.

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