Putting the Brake on Speeding


ALBERT LEA, MN — Leadfoot drivers in Freeborn County got a wakeup call this past month.

The Albert Lea Police Department, along with the Freeborn County Sheriff’s office pulled over 298 drivers for different citations during a 15 day speed enforcement.

30 of those were cited for speeding.

Authorities say whether it’s an enforcement, or just a normal day, you’re always being watched when it comes to your speed.

“It’s just that reminder that there are people out there watching your speed,” Lt. Jeff Strom of the Albert Lea Police Department said. “People think they are just driving around and they don’t see the officers that they can speed wherever they want. But, people are always watching each other’s speed. Whether it’s another driver when you go by that other driver or whether it’s an officer sitting back watching the traffic flow.”

In Freeborn County, an average speeding citation for 10 miles an hour over the speed limit is 120 dollars.

Motorists stopped at 20 miles an hour over the limit face double the fine, while those ticketed traveling more than 100 miles an hour can lose their license for six months.

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