A Head-Turning Herd of Huskies

MASON CITY, IA – “My son is a little resentful because we didn’t have dogs when he was a kid but now I live with dogs all around.”

It’s fair to say that David Bresnahan is a dog person.

A few years ago he decided to adopt two dogs from a litter of huskies; Gracie and Isabella.

But his furry family would soon grow, after adopting two white huskies: Zoey and Lily and David thought that was it.

“So we decided to take him in and he fit in well”

Luckily David had more room in his heart and fortunately his home to take in two more.

That’s how Geneva and Dakota joined the bunch.

And instead of just man’s best friend…it’s man’s best friends, making David the proud pet parent to this pack of pooches.

“They are all individuals but of course when everyone’s naughty you always say the wrong first 4 names before you get the right name.”

He has his hands are full with 6, and there is no shortage of dog hair.

“The good news is they only shed once per year the bad news is it lasts for 12 months,” David jokes.

And there’s no shortage of attention

“For some people we intentionally walk by their house so they can say hello to the dogs cause it’s kind of therapy for them as well, it’s good for everybody good for the dogs, good for us, good for other people as well.”

Dog-gone good deeds for a head-turning herd of huskies.

David’s just glad his canine crew brings happiness to more than just *his* family.

Now, David gets asked a lot of questions about his pups.

We even wanted to know if he’s planning on participating in an Iditarod

unfortunately, any “mush-mushing” of this crew would require heavy training… and David’s not convinced he needs sled dogs right now.

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