Frozen Yogurt Continues to be a Strong Trend


MASON CITY, IA – Another frozen yogurt store is opening in Mason City.

Orange Leaf is opening its newest location right here in Mason City.

They feature 68 flavors and over 30 condiments and toppings.

Even though there are other shops town, owner Forrest Moore feel like he has the best location

“It’s a kind of up-in-coming area, it’s expanding rapidly. I understand that there’s other businesses that are coming to the area here pretty quickly so we were given the opportunity to come to this location right outside of the Wal-Mart and so we jumped on it,” Moore said.

Frozen Yogurt is a a rapidly growing trend and as it turns out, Orange Leaf is not only proud of their new location, but of their yogurt and how it compares to other frozen yogurt places in the area.

“There’s a couple different brands of frozen yogurt out there, we make ours fresh in the store, that makes us a little bit different so, the yogurt you buy through us is probably made the same day instead of pre-made at a factory and shipped to the store,” Moore said.

They will be open for business on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

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