Giving Your Best – August

ROCHESTER, MN — Pam Eggler has helped out for more than a year at the Paws and Claws Humane Society.

“Pam goes above and beyond. I mean, she’s in almost every day, morning and evening,” said BriAnna McCabe, Eggler’s co-volunteer and the one who nominated her.

Her specialty is walking dogs that need a little extra attention.

“The dogs love her, they get excited when she comes because they know they’re going to go for a good walk,” McCabe.

That love is mutual. This is Eggler’s way of taking care of the dog she does not have.

“I’m actually a dog person but I don’t have time for a dog, I have two cats, so I come here to get my dog fix by walking them,” Eggler said.

Plus, it gave her something to do after undergoing rotator cuff surgery.

“I could not do my normal summer activities so I thought I needed to get out and get some exercise, so I started volunteering walking dogs because I could do that with one arm,” Eggler said.

Being recognized as the volunteer of the month helps her remember why she got into volunteering in the first place.

“It’s a great stress reliever, I love it. After surgery I put on 15 pounds and after three months of walking dogs I lost almost all of it,” Eggler said.

She said she plans to continue helping out at Paws and Claws for as long as they need her. She will be doing that in their brand new location that just opened last week.

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