Local Business Closes after 63 Years

GARNER, IA – After being in business for over 6 decades, The Goodnature Store in Garner, Iowa, is closing its doors once and for all.

It has been a central, go-to spot on Main Street in Garner and for some, it’s been like a home away from home.

Rosemary Hrubes started working at Goodnature 14 years ago after her life drastically changed.

“I was working at a nursing home and then my husband got ill with cancer so I took care of him and when he passed away, so then I wanted something to do so I came here and applied to Marie and been here ever since,” Hrubes said.

Marie Fredrick, owner of The Goodnature Store, talked about how difficult it is for small businesses like hers to compete with the big box stores that have popped up in neighboring cities.

“When we started,” Fredrick said, “Goodnature’s was kind of everything to everybody, we had baby all the way up to men’s big and tall, ladies, juniors, plus, we had everything but now trying to compete against a big box store, where you can buy a gallon of milk and a hammer and baby clothes…it’s a little hard to compete.”

However, this is not the last you will hear from Goodnature.

Fredrick is planning on taking any inventory that does not sell in their closing sale and bringing it to other, smaller locations that they are planning on opening.

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