Minnesota Has A Few More Newlyweds Today

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Minnesota has a few more newlyweds today!

At the stroke of midnight, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak began performing marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples.

KIMT News 3 was at Minneapolis city hall last night for the celebration.

History was most certainly made in Minnesota last night as thousands watched the first few same-sex couples tie the knot!

We talked with a few of the happy couples just minutes after they were married.

It was a powerful night in Minneapolis’ City Hall, as Mayor R.T. Rrybak spent hours marrying same-sex couples.

Margaret and Cathy were the first to get hitched at the stroke of midnight.

“I here-by declare that Margaret and Cathy are legally married,” said Mayor Rybak.

“I didn’t expect to cry quite that hard but it was a really powerful moment, you know I felt as married as I thought I could feel 12 and a half years ago and tonight I feel more married than I did 12 1/2 years ago,” says Margaret Miller.

The happily married pair celebrated their matrimony with their son, Louis by their side.

“This simplifies things for him and makes it easier for him to talk about his two moms without other kids having questions,” the couple explains.

The celebration of love continued as couple after couple said their I-do’s.

For Harvey and Phil, this day has been a long time coming.

“It’s very exciting, this is a moment in history that will never happen again and to be apart of it, it makes all the effort you’ve gone through to get here worth while,” explains Harvey and Phil.

The couple has been together for 38 years and today, they finally get to make it official.

“I right away started calling him my husband! I get to do that now,” said Harvey Zukman.

46 same-sex couples were married, starting at midnight.

The mayor had made a promise right after the Minnesota legislature legalized same-sex marriage that he would officiate the very first ceremony at midnight.

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