Narcotics Task Force Makes Several Arrests

MASON CITY, IA – A team effort nets more than a dozen arrests in North Iowa.

The North Central Iowa Narcotics Task Force put at least 14 people behind bars on outstanding warrants, many relating to drug charges.

Those facing the highest amounts for bonds included Wendy Maiolo from Nora Springs with a 100,000 dollar bond for intent to deliver meth.

Others being held on a 10,000 dollar bond include Todd Cookman, Sarah Movick, Briana Sabby and Terry Thompson.

The others were arrested on various charges, including everything from driving under suspension to possession of a controlled substance.

Sheriff Kevin Pals says it was a team effort in arrests.

“Very successful, we got most of the people that we were looking for, at least that we planned to attempt to arrest and made several of those arrests, and we made several,” said Pals.

Sheriff Pals says they do these types of arrests three to four times a year and adds it’s really the only way to reduce the long list of outstanding warrants.

Some of those arrested have posted bail at this time.

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