New Laws for Prank 911 Calls

ALBERT LEA, MN — A new law makes it an even bigger offense to prank call 911 in Minnesota.

Starting today, if you make a call when there is no emergency or if it interferes with emergency services, you face a misdemeanor charge.

But that’s not all.

If someone suffers an injury or is killed when responding to the fake call, you would face a felony charge.

Those who work in this field tell us they hope it helps crack down on these types of calls.

“When you are talking about adults that are doing it on purpose for the intent of getting our attention over here and then there is a true emergency, I think the stiffer penalties will help deter that also,” Lt. Al Schallock said.

As part of the new law, three or more violations results in a felony.

And reporting a false emergency to prompt an emergency response will be a gross misdemeanor.

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