Political Impacts of Same-Sex Marriage

KIMT NEWS 3 — August 1 is here and that means some new laws go into place and one of them has not come quietly. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Minnesota.

“This is the law of the land right now in Minnesota and it certainly is likely to see only more and more states agreeing to the same kind of legislation,” said State Rep. Jeanne Poppe (DFL-Austin).

While it is possible for the state to change the law back to where it was, she does not see that happening.

“Overturning legislation or changing laws can happen any term potentially, but it would take both the House and the Senate and the governor to agree to change the law,” Poppe said.

Many state leaders quietly made their choice on the legislation, but some like Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak have shown what side they take on the issue.

“If he goes for higher office, whether it’s in the state legislature or the governorship or as a U.S. Senator, that could affect him in some ways, but as far as his mayorship in Minneapolis, I doubt you’ll see really much at all that it’s affected him,” said Political Analyst, Dr. Eric Shoars.

That is simply because of the number of people impacted by his decisions.

“When you’re looking at becoming a member of the legislature, the governor, a U.S. Senator, now that magnifies because now you’re impacting the citizens of a state,” Shoars said.

Which he says could be good or bad.

“There may be more people who oppose gay marriage that live in the entirety of the state that could vote against him, but it could go the other way as well,” Shoars said.

For the state leaders, next session will be business as usual.

“It’s a blue sky and the grass is green and things continue to be going along. I think it didn’t dramatically shift the feeling of how people live and exist in the state of Minnesota,” Poppe said.

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