Same-Sex Marriages Begin in Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN — It was a historic and emotional day at City Hall in Minneapolis Thursday morning. Just a few minutes after the clock struck 12:00, two same-sex couples exchanged vows with the Mayor of Minneapolis presiding over the ceremony. For the first time ever, those vows of commitment are recognized by the state.

The first couples to say their vows were Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke, followed by Al Giraud and Jeff Isaacson. Miles and ten Broeke spoke with KIMT shortly after their ceremony. They said, they weren’t nervous standing in front of hundreds of people — in fact, they described it as being surrounded by family — and the most important person standing by was their son, Louis.

“It’s one of the things that I think is the most moving for us is that Louis has understood that he has two moms that are married. But he’s also understood some people don’t consider us married. He’s embraced the complexity of that. And that this simplifies things for him and makes it easier for him to talk about his two moms without other kids asking questions,” said Miles.

In total, 43 couples said “I do” Thursday morning. That includes Harvey Zuckerman & Phil Oxman, who have been together for 38 years. Not only is this an important moment for them, but for their friends as well, who got married hours after they did.

“It was very exciting. This is a moment in history that will never happen again. My best friends are getting married at 5:00 a.m., we were there when they proposed to each other. It was so touching. And to be able to be here with them and follow that through, it’s been a long haul for all of us,” said Zuckerman.

The weddings were just the start of the activities. Betty Crocker donated cakes for all of the couples. The gay men’s chorus donated their time to perform at the weddings, and photography students captured the memories for the couples, free of charge. Because of all these donations, there is expected to be little to no cost to taxpayers.

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