Stranger Danger Reminders

NORTHWOOD, IA – Tonya Davis is a mother and daycare provider, so keeping kids safe is always first on her mind.

And when she heard the news of a suspicious van being spotted in her community, it reminded her that bad things can happen anywhere.

“I think I get pretty nervous whenever I see that. As a mother and as a daycare provider, it makes me fearful that I want to watch my children a whole lot more. We live in such a small town and you think you’re safe, and you’d like to think you’re safe,” said Davis.

Davis says it’s situations like these that remind her to re-enforce to her kids what they need to do if approached by a stranger.

“We talk about not going with people. We role play with scenarios if somebody asks them for a puppy or if they want ice cream for that fact now. We talk about it a lot not going with strangers, not gong with people they don’t know,” said Davis.

And Chief Deputy Dan Fank with the Worth County Sheriff’s Office says that when they get these types of calls, everyone is on alert.

“Definitely take it very serious. Tells us that is a serious threat. our children is our future and we are going to do as much as we can to finalize what did happen and try to get to the bottom of it,” said Fank.

Fank says he was very pleased that the community spoke up when they saw something suspicious.

“The biggest thing is, is with law enforcement we can’t be everywhere at one time. The more eyes and ears we have out there the more times we get alerted to stuff. Then we can react upon that information and get it out to surrounding areas in case it goes somewhere else,” said Fank.

“I know when I see something strange sometimes I think should I call in, should I not. Sometimes I don’t because I don’t want to be over-reacting, but I think it’s better to over-react than to under-react and then something terrible happen,” said Davis.

Deputy Fank says this past year they have had a couple of calls about suspicious activity like this van.

He says right now they are looking into two different cases.

But he stresses that it’s important at all times to be teaching your kids why you should never get in a vehicle, if they don’t know the driver.

The Worth County Sheriff’s Office says if you have any information on the case involving the suspicious van, to contact them.

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