29th Annual Clear Lake Classic Car Show

CLEAR LAKE, IA – The 29th annual Classic Car Cruise and Show is happening this weekend.

Clubs from all over the country are cruising into clear lake to show-off some of their favorite oldies.

The Concrete Cruisers, up from Des Moines, have had members at this show for many years, but for them, car shows are about more than just the cars.

David Smith, President of the Concrete Cruiser Club said, “we help families that have cancer, children and adults, we don’t hand money over to the family, they bring us their bills and then we pay the bills, write the checks for everything.”

For some members, car shows like this are all about remembering the old days.

“A 56’ Ford Victoria with a sunroof in it, which I don’t have any longer, which I’d love to have but that one’s been my favorite car, I haven’t seen one to top that really yet but your first car’s kind of like your first girlfriend you know?

They bring their own flavor to the cruise and show with a cook-out on Saturday night for club members, but Smith said they always have left overs that they give to the public and to the performers that night.

The cruise around Clear Lake is on Friday, Aug. 2nd at 6:00 and the car show is on Saturday, Aug. 3rd in City Park.

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