‘Run with the Breast of Us’

BROWNSDALE, MN — One out of every eight women will have invasive breast cancer during her lifetime and those at the Hormel Institute in Austin work every day to bring that number down.

Area runners are helping raise funds for the world-renowned medical research center.

Donations from the “Run with the Breast of Us” event are going towards the institute’s Breast Cancer Research Fund.

“This is our community, we wanted to incorporate it with Brownsdale Fest and this is the first time we’ve done this to bring awareness to cancer research,” said Event Organizer, Tina Ellis.

She said she expected about 25 to 30 participants for the first ever event. Instead 82 people took part in the 5K.

“Hopefully we can continue this, a lot of volunteers have come out and helped, people that I didn’t even know, that just came up and wanted to donate different things, it’s just been awesome, it’s been overwhelming,” Ellis said.

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