“Tax-Free” Day: A Win-Win for All

MASON CITY, IA – Store owners across Iowa are preparing for the tax-free shopping spree sure to keep shoppers busy this weekend.

Friday and Saturday, clothing and footwear retailers are cutting the sales tax as a way to encourage shoppers to pay a visit to their local stores.

For some shoppers they say it’s more of a pleasant surprise at the bottom of the receipt.

“Well when we were out today, there seemed to be a lot of people taking advantage of that seven percent. We just happened to be out and about today enjoying the area, so it’s just kind of a bonus for us,” said Lindsay Morgan of Eagle Grove.

Like Lindsay, many shoppers are making the best of the unofficial shopping holiday and that includes store owners as well.

“It’s a great weekend for us and it has been for the last 10 years that they’ve done it. It’s been an awesome weekend,” said Scott Moorman, Owner of Moorman Clothiers.

As Owner of Moorman Clothiers in Mason City, Scott admits he had his doubts about the yearly event, that he now looks forward to.

“When it first came out, I didn’t think much about it and we were packed and every year it just keeps getting better and better,” said Moorman.

Iowa is one of 12 states not including those already without sales tax participating in the event originally geared towards back-to-school shopping.

As Scott puts it, it’s helping to bring shopping back to Iowa in general.

“It brings people, it’s seven percent off. People always like to get a little piece of Uncle Sam when they can. That’s kind of the connotation of it but it’s to help keep people in Iowa,” said Moorman.

“I would say everyone is benefiting. Looks like all the stores had a lot of specials of their own besides that seven percent off and that’s going to help the consumer. So it looks like a lot of them are taking advantage,” said Morgan.

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