Petition Brings Hope for Shepard Family

KIMT News 3 – The family of Kathlynn Shepard is making good on their promise to promote an effort that would prevent violence against Iowa’s young people.

In early July, the family of Kathlynn Shepard proposed new legislation for bringing harsher penalties against those convicted of sexual and violent crimes towards children.

Now, they’re making good on the promise of helping to offer safer communities for Iowa’s youth and it’s all through the Kathlynn’s Hope Bill.

Back in June, the body of Kathlynn Shepard was found along the Des Moines River. Police say she had been kidnapped and killed by a paroled child predator.

As a way to show support for her family and their cause, signing stations were located across north-east Iowa, which gave the Shepard family the head start they needed for the Kathlynn’s hope petition.

The petition gives those who decided to sign it, a brief look into the one-strike law intended to keep sexual predators locked up or kept track of for life.

The Kathlynn’s Hope Bill is based on California’s Chelsea’s Law named after Chelsea King, who was killed by a sexual predator paroled after serving five years in prison for sexually assaulting a thirteen year-old.

By combining forces with the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, those with Kathlynn’s Hope are trying to recreate the same success the group found back in 2010, where the law passed unanimously in California.

Now those with this grassroots movement hope that with continued support, no family will have to endure a similar loss.

For more information as well as a copy of the petition follow the link below:

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