Grain Expansion Helps Farmers

RUSHFORD, MN — Help is on the way for southeastern Minnesota farmers.

Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company has broken ground on a 750,000 bushel storage bin at their South Fork Location in Rushford.

It’s the next stage of an expansion plan that gives local farmers a place to store their crops.

Not only does it deal with storage problems, but it speeds up the unloading process, which will be a big plus for farmers this fall.

“In harvest, they got a short period of time to get a lot done,” General Manager Todd Rosvold said. “They don’t want to be waiting in line to get unloaded. And our previous facility, they might have to wait 20-25 minutes to get the truck unloaded when they got on the scale. They get on the scale now, it’s three and a half to four minutes.”

The new bin should be completed by September.

The whole project should be completed by the start of harvest this fall.

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