Tax-Free Weekend a Success For Local Businesses

CLEAR LAKE, IA – Many shoppers took advantage of the tax-free weekend on Saturday and Sunday, but local businesses had something to smile about too.

Lyla’s Boutique in Clear Lake was just one of the independent clothing stores in the area that saw a nice little boost in sales.

For just the weekend, the exemption meant shoppers got a total 7% tax break.

One Lyla’s Co-Owner says people may not have walked into the store knowing about the special deal, but definitely jumped at the chance to buy more once they knew.

Lyla’s Boutique Co-Owner, Twyla Tindall said, ” I think it does motivate people with children who do want to go to the big malls and make large purchases. Here, a lot of people we had to remind it was tax-free weekend, but once they found out, they were telling their friends it’s tax-free weekend, it’s tax-free weekend. So I think it did motivate some purchases.”

Twyla also says some shoppers even put clothes on hold a few days before the weekend, and then made their actual purchases sans sales tax.

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