Worldwide Travel Advisory

KIMT News 3 – It probably comes as no surprise that there are global travel alerts being issued for these areas of the Middle East and North East Africa.

And while lots of travelers from our area may not be headed that way, caution is still being stressed across the nation.

Professor James Scarry teaches history at Waldorf College and for him, the news of a worldwide travel advisory is reinforcing what he’s teaching his students right now: lessons that deal with terrorism and foreign policy.

And he says it’s an issue that many should be paying attention to.

“It disrupts the economy, it disrupts trade, it disrupts peace negotiations,” said Scarry.

Professor Scarry says when he heard that more than a dozen embassies were being shut down; he really listened, because he tells us, that kind of reaction from the U.S. government is a unique one.

“Maybe one embassy is shut down, or two or something like that but to have 19 facilities today close because of a potential threat it would either be a serious threat or a serious over-reaction,” said Scarry.

Even travel agencies like Allen Travel in Clear Lake say they always have to warn clients in times like these.

“Usually we go with what the government says so in this case its Middle East and Northern Africa. Those places you probably want to stay away for a few weeks,” said Allen.

Allen tells us he always attaches a list of advice for his clients when they’re traveling out of the country.

“Keep yourself away from crowds, don’t stand out to advertise that you’re an American tourist,” said Allen.

And even if you’re not traveling or you think you’ve heard this story before, Professor Scarry says you still need to pay attention.

“It effects all of us, its how we as a nation communicate with other people, other nations, other governments,” said Scarry.

The Professor also mentioned this week is the end of Ramadan for those in the Muslim community.

He says that may be another reason why embassies are shut down, because by Wednesday or Thursday the celebrations will begin.

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