Bicycle Trip to the Coast

KIMT News 3

AUSTIN, MN – 3 local bicyclists are gearing up for the trip of a lifetime.

Dave thomsen, Julie Thomsen and Terry Fox are members of the Austin YMCA.  But they have another name as well. They’ve been dubbed the “Mississippi Coasters.”

This Friday they’re heading out on a bike ride that will take them 2500 miles, from the Mississippi headwaters in Northen Minnesota all the way to the gulf coast.

They’re hoping to inspire others in the community to practice an active lifestyle.

“You don’t have to take it to this level. Just do what’s comfortable or start small and set a goal for yourself and work up to something. Find a challenge that you think is maybe doable,” said Julie Thomsen.

The YMCA  is also encouraging others to participate. They’re holding the “Mississippi Coasters Challenge.”  Participants will have one month to finish 300 or 500 miles of exercise  or group fitness classes.

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