IA HS Softball All-State Teams

KIMT News 3 Sports

Here’s a list of local players making all-state teams in all five classes.


Class 1A

2nd Team- Becca Huberty (Newman)

3rd Team- Micah Chavez (Newman)

3rd Team- Sidney Fransiscus (Newman)


Class 2A

1st Team- Allie Ingalls (North Union)*** Class 2A Player of the Year

1st Team- Collete Haag (North Union)

2nd Team- Dena Looft (North Union)

3rd Team- Kennedy Haut  (N-P)


Class 3A

2nd Team- Kyleigh Munkel (Crestwood)

3rd Team- Hailey Kofron (Forest City)

3rd Team- Lexi Korte (Central Springs)

3rd Team- Cassidy Mohl (Osage)

3rd Team- Sarah Steinman (Alg0na)


Class 4A

3rd Team- Mara Forsyth (Charles City)


Class 5A

3rd Team- Brittani Sanchez (Mason City)


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