Local Retailers Requiring I.D. for Energy Shots

BRITT, IA – It seems like energy drinks are everywhere these days but some retailers are getting more selective on who can by the energy shots.

Casey’s General Store announced that they will begin asking for identification when customers want to  purchase energy shots.

There is no alcohol content in the two ounce energy supplements, but the amount of caffeine in them is raising health concerns for those under the age of eighteen.

Physician Assistant at Britt Medical Clinic, Jamie Brantner said, “caffeine increases heart rate and blood pressure and in a growing child with a cardiovascular system maturing we don’t know what the long term affects will be of that.”

Brantner also says that kids might see energy shots as something fun that they can take with their friends but they don’t always understand the harmful effects it can have on their bodies.

“When they do cause the increase in the heart rate and blood pressure if a kid has an underlying arrhythmia in the heart that they didn’t know about it could cause problems in their heart without even knowing it,” Brantner said.

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