Multiple Thefts at Area Business

MASON CITY, IA – For Daniel Lockie, Operation Manager at PR Connections, frustration is kicking in.

He’s seen five break-ins at his store, and he’s not happy.

“It’s frustrating to know this type of thing is still going on in the community. I’m not sure if it’s been other places as well, but to come to work and see the window has been vandalized and something stolen is pretty frustrating,” said Lockie.

Lockie says after the third time, they decided to put up surveillance cameras.

But even that’s not deterring people from the committing the crimes.

“This time is the second time now it’s been broken into, kind of smash and grab thing.  They bust the window, grab the laptop, and take off,” said Lockie.

Even Captain Mike McKelvey, with the Mason City Police Department, says smash and grabs are a very common type of crime.

“Occasionally we have them at convenient stores, computer stores, and pawn shops. Anything with a large glass windows, occasionally people will try to break them out, and take those things they can see from outside. Quick and easy view,” said McKelvey.

But McKelvey says the public can help.

“We’ve always kind of advocated if you see anything suspicious give us a call.  Our success rate in catching criminals depends upon the lag time of reporting,” said McKelvey.

Lockie says, he’s hoping for the same thing.

“Putting up a 500 dollar reward, to any information leading to the arrest of the individual who has taken this laptop or the one previous.  We want anybody out there to be aware of that, and just realize we are not going to just sit back and let things continue to happen,” said Lockie.

The police are still working on the investigation at this time.

Captain McKelvey says another way to make sure that you can locate your belongings if stolen is to write down the serial number on any electronic device you own.

That way they are easier to track.

If you have any information on this case please contact the Mason City Police Department.

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