Neighbors React to Northwood Murder

NORTHWOOD, IA – Murder charges are filed in a north Iowa stabbing incident, as we learn more about the victim in this case.

That stabbing took place on Monday, in the late morning hours in Swensrud Park in Northwood.

We’ve learned the victim, 30-year-old Justina Smith of Northwood has died after being transported to mercy north Iowa.

An autopsy revealed that she died of multiple sharp force injuries.

The people of Northwood are shocked by this tragedy.

KIMT News 3 spoke with a Northwood mother of 4 who says she never would have expected a murder to happen in her small town.

To say the stabbing in Northwood hit close to home for Kim Hennigar would be an understatement.

“I actually live across the street from the park so it’s really uncomfortable, uncomfortable to say the least.”

Hennigar learned of the crime from her daughter who was planning to visit Swensrud Park yesterday afternoon.

“My daughter was babysitting for a couple gals and they were going to walk over there and use the park and they couldn’t get in,” explains Hennigar.

The park was shut down yesterday after the worth county sheriff’s office received a 911 call from a woman with severe injuries .

Deputies learned that the suspect, Tyrone Washington Jr. had fled the scene in the victim’s car.

An Iowa State Trooper spotted the stolen car and after a pursuit, Washington was taken into custody.

“Happening in such a small town is just, it’s so odd to me, I’ve grown up here and I’ve never had any issues, I mean things like this you see on TV or hear on the radio, it’s unusual,” explains Hennigar.

She says the feeling in the once quiet community, is one of fear.

“It’s just constant, now you got to wonder what or who’s down in the park, it’s not the same.”

According to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Tyrone Washington Jr. is facing first degree murder charges, filed by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

And as we learn more about the accused murderer, we discovered that according to court records just 3 days ago a no-contact order was filed against Washington Jr. by Justina Smith.

Meanwhile, Washington Jr. is still being held in Scott County, on various traffic charges related to the pursuit.

No word yet on his court date.

Stay tuned to KIMT News 3 for updates.

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