New Books Arrive at Holton

AUSTIN, MN — The new school year is less than a month away now and one school in our area is putting books on their brand new library shelves.

The brand new I.J. Holton School in Austin is set to open with the new school year and Tuesday their library books arrived.

There are fiction and non-fiction sections but a lot of the new books are e-books since each student gets a laptop to use, which is why the library looks smaller than you might expect at a school for 750 students.

“The whole library scene is changing a little bit, so we do want to continue to have our print resources because kids like to use the books. You’ll note, on our shelves we have a lot of paperbacks maybe more than the hard covers because we want to keep things current and update them,” said Jean McDermott, Principal at I.J. Holton.

That fits right in with the way the school operates.

“The media center is set up for kind of a different purpose. We have a lot of spaces where the children can work together collaboratively. A big focus of our school is inquiry and the design process of engineering, which starts with asking questions,” McDermott said.

The books came from Mackin Resources in Burnsville. The founder, Randal Heise, is originally from Austin and went to Elementary School at Nevlin Elementary, so he gave them a discount and donated some books as well.

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