“Oven Canning” a dangerous alternative

MASON CITY, IA – It’s an old process that’s getting a new twist, but the shortcut is proving to be an unsafe option.

“Oven Canning” is a new twist on an old tradition of canning, where some have resorted to their ovens to help preserve their food.

According to health experts, food “processed” in the oven will not necessarily be heated hot enough or long enough to produce a safe product.

They say it’s a risk towards the quality of your preserves that should not be taken.

“There’s a difference in oven canning because it’s a dry heat and that dry heat doesn’t penetrate and get into the center of the jar where you need to get the heat to kill those microorganisms,” said Nancy Clark, Nutrition and Health Specialist with Iowa State University Extension.

She also mentions that canning jars are not meant to be placed in ovens and can explode if heated long enough.

Older recipes should not be used in fear of what can be a potential health hazard as well.

For more information on safe canning techniques and recipes, visit your local Iowa State Extension office.


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