15th annual ‘Stroll for Epilepsy’

ROCHESTER, MN — There are 60,000 people in Minnesota who suffer from seizure disorders.

Thursday, there was an event meant to help those victims.

The 15th annual “Stroll for Epilepsy” took place at the Rochester Community and Technical College Fieldhouse. It is the largest epilepsy fundraising event in the state.

There are plenty of other things going on if you didn’t want to walk.

“We really want to spread the awareness, that chances are somebody you know has epilepsy and how can you help? We do a lot of awareness programs, so I will go to any place in southeastern Minnesota, in a 32 county area, to give a free program about epilepsy awareness,” said Vicki Snyder with the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

They raised nearly $40,000 last year and had about 400 people show up. They hope to raise another $40,000 again this year. For more information on how to have someone live Snyder speak for you visit the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota’s website.

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