How to deal with a corn crop pest

MASON CITY, IA – One particular pest that tends to be a problem for farmers in north Iowa and southern Minnesota is a corn root worm.

The worm feasts on roots of the plant that anchor the stock down, causing the entire thing to lean or fall over completely.

But there is a solution if farmers are noticing the pest on their plants.

“If we have customers that have grown corn 5-7 years in a row a lot of times if we can just put a year of soybeans in there we really reduce pest problems across a lot of fronts, root worm of course but other diseases and pests as well,” says Agronomist, Jim Cisco.

He says now is the time of year farmers will start to notice if they have the root worm on their crops.

“If the roots aren’t in perfect condition and a wind storm comes along all the sudden it’s leading or blown flat, that’s a lot of time when farmers discover that root worms have been active in their fields.”

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