Local farmers see a glimpse into the future… of farming

MASON CITY, IA – Farmers from across the north Iowa area got a peek into the future this afternoon, the future of farming.

It’s safe to say that James Seehusen is the future of farming, at least in his family.

“I help my dad and then maybe get a chance to farm when I get older,” he says.

James says he hopes to one day take over the family farm in Greene, IA which is why he is Mason City today, to help guide him along his agriculture path.

He joined dozens of other local farmers for Monsanto’s AgAcademy. Which is an event to clue growers in on the newest trends in farming.

There was a lot of talk about the other future of farming; technology.

“This is the future of farming and how we help achieve the goal of doubling yields in the U.S.,” says Dave Rylander.

Rylander is helping to launch a new product called Field Scripts, a system that can identify the best seed match for the field and best planting rate for specific seeds. Dave used the analogy of a doctor writing a prescription.

“We’re going to have farmers give us some information and we take their information from them, match that against our knowledge of hybrids and the yield environment within fields and then we’ll develop a prescription for that hybrid for that particular field.”

He’s launching this new technology to farmers in Iowa and southern Minnesota.

“It takes a lot of date in order to build these prescriptions; those are the areas that we have most of the data that we can build a field script with today.”

This technology, which has farmers using iPads to keep track of their yields, is something James thinks won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

“There’s going to be more technology, more and more as farming goes along,” he says.

That new technology is set to launch in 2014. 150 farmers across the country got to test out the system including about 40 farmers in Iowa.

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