Same-sex divorce in Minnesota

KIMT News 3 — A week has passed since same-sex marriage was made legal in Minnesota.

But with same-sex marriage will eventually come same-sex divorce.

In fact, it’s already arrived in Minnesota.

Dawn Tucker and her partner were married in 2004, in Canada.

They moved to the Gopher State and split up, but couldn’t get a divorce as the state didn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

Now, legal experts say the divorce process will be very similar to that of traditional divorces.

“It wouldn’t be any different,” Steve Rolsch, Owner of Rolsch Law Offices said. “There isn’t a separate statute for gay divorce. Over the years, we’ve has civil unions or instances where people live together, we’ve tried to sort that out.”

He adds it would be the same paper work and same procedures, so those things aren’t going to change.

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