Teaching jobs found easy with new website

MASON CITY, IA – Finding a job is proving a lot more convenient for Iowa teachers with the introduction of a new website.

Teachiowa.gov is a website listing public school job openings across the state.

As part of the education package passed by lawmakers this spring, schools are now required to post their vacancies on this site.

Candidates can apply online and even post personal profiles for employers to see. A benefit that school administrators say will help make the process more convenient for all.

“It’s going to be a more efficient and affordable way for school districts as well as those looking for jobs in Iowa to be able to see what’s out there and what’s available and to get their application in by simply loading documents,” said Hal Minear, Assistant Superintendent with Mason City Community Schools.

The site already has hundreds of listings available and they hope anyone considering going back into teaching would consult the page.

“Sometimes you could go to a schools website, check and see if they have a job posting. Where now, you go to one site, you look at all he postings that are out there and you can pick if you want,” said Minear.

For more information and Iowa job listings, visit the website below:


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