Walking for water

FOREST CITY, IA – Folks in north Iowa will be gathering tomorrow to raise money for people in need thousands of miles away.

A ministry called hope 4 kids will be holding a “walk for water” fundraiser at Pilot Knob Park to help people living in Uganda.

The people you see in these images have to walk over 3 miles to get water and the water they do get is dirty and unhealthy.

The fundraising efforts are raising money to build a well which will provide safe drinking water.

“If you had a neighbor that was drinking dirty water you would do whatever you could to help them and just because they live thousands of miles away doesn’t mean they’re not important they’re important to us and we want to help them out,” says Beth VanRoekeo, coordinator of the event.

The well will cost $10,000 and the organization is about $2,000 away from reaching that goal.

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