The nation’s weather

Weather Underground Forecast for Friday, August 30, 2013.

High heat persists for the Midwest, scattered storms continue for the Southwest, and rain showers spread across the Pacific Northwest on Friday. A low pressure system over the center of the country continues pushing warm and moist air northward across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes. This will maintain hot temperatures for southern Minnesota, Iowa and moving into Illinois. High temperatures in these areas will remain in the 90s, about 10 to 15 degrees above normal. Heat advisories for the region will remain in effect through Friday evening. Just to the north, the warm front associated with this low pressure system will maintain showers and thunderstorms across the Great Lakes and into southern Canada. This system has a history of producing severe storms with strong winds and periods of heavy rainfall. There is a slight chance that these storms could turn severe over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Out West, moisture over the Southwest will allow for more showers and thunderstorms to develop from southern California through the Four Corners. To the north, a low pressure system moves northeastward over the Pacific Northwest and into British Columbia. This system will continue pushing a cold front onshore, bringing more rain showers to western Washington and Oregon.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Thursday have ranged from a morning low of 37 degrees at Lakeview, Ore. to a high of 102 degrees at Hugo, Okla.

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