Crop Dusting Season

BELMOND, Iowa – Brian Berst with Klinkenborg Aerial Spraying and his fellow pilots have a job to do.

Its crop dusting time and they’re spraying the fields with chemicals like insecticides to help get rid of the bugs.

“The crop dusting is more of an aerial application now instead of just crop dusting in just going out there and throwing it out we are GPS equipped and much more as far the technology side of getting things done efficiently,” said Berst.

Berst describes the challenge.

“It’s difficult at times, bean fields are a little bit easier to see at the end of the field or onto the road but pretty much we try to figure that there’s a car there all the time,” said Berst.

From the skies, pilots like Berst are doing their part by not flying too low.

But those on the ground also shouldn’t get too close.

“But its a lot like maybe going by a hog house or chicken barn you can smell the smell and its not to be fearful of it necessarily but to be aware that it is there,” said Berst.

And part of that job at hand includes making sure safety-from the air to the land-is priority.

“We try to avoid situations where we are turning low over towns and just try to be aware if we are working around cattle or working around people that are out and about we try to ease into letting them be aware we are there first,” said Berst.

Berst has a few other suggestions.

If you notice a plane circling around you it means the pilot knows you’re there.

He’s hoping you’ll be willing to move so he can spray that area.

Berst adds, while it may be fun to watch make sure you’re not standing downwind from the chemicals or you could be exposed.

Crop dusting season in Iowa actually started last month and will run through September.

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