One-third of Americans expected to hit roads this weekend

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Rising gas prices are not stopping thousands of people from hitting the road this holiday weekend.

Area highways are filled with campers making their way to their weekend destination, but that is not everyone’s plans.

“We’re kind of doing the opposite of everybody else. Everybody’s going up to northern Minnesota to camp at the lakes and we’re on our way back from Minnesota,” said Steve Shields of Manhattan, Kansas.

In Shields’ case, they are leaving with one less person then they came with.

“We’re dropping our son off at college at Macalester. You have every emotion under the sun when you drop a son off for college, but we’re so excited,” Shields said.

Their trip could add up. Going through Minnesota and Iowa will cost them an average of $3.65 a gallon according to experts as They say the prices could see a slight increase over the weekend.

“We’ve just gradually gotten used to it, but it is really hard. To fill one of these things up is 150 dollars,” Shields said.

While he is coming back with less, others are returning home with more.

“We ran up to Cannon Falls to get a new side-by-side from my brother. They had deals going on so we ran up to do that so it might be some entertainment for Sunday, Monday,” said Brad Vincent of Ames, Iowa.

That is because his Saturday is already filled with plans.

“We’re leaving in the morning to go to Iowa City to watch the opener of the Hawkeyes, then as soon as that game’s over we’re running to Ames to watch the Cyclone game and then of course listen to the Notre Dame game on the headset,” Vincent said.

He said this year he thought he would change up his typical Labor Day Weekend.

“It’s football season, we love football and got season tickets to both schools and it worked out that way and I guess regardless of the weather, it’s football time,” Vincent said.

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