“Roll-Up Your Sleeve” Blood Drive Stops in Mason City

MASON CITY, Iowa – Blood drives around the state are helping to replenish what’s left of the summer blood supply.

Rock-n-Roll up Your Sleeves is an event being held in Mason City’s Southbridge Mall.

Organizers with the Lifeserve Blood Drive say the blood supply around the country hits extreme lows during the summer months.

They say it’s blood drives such as these that can play a major role in bringing donating opportunities to you.

“The summer months, our blood supply typically drops lower than normal. People are busy with their every day lives and it’s hard to find time to donate. So in the summer time, especially around holidays, we really try to get as many donors in as we can so we can get the blood that is needed by our local hospitals,” said Amy Mckee, said Donor Supervisor, Amy Mckee.

With only five percent of our population donating each year, health officials say it’s these blood drives can help to raise that number.

“We do go out every single day and draws blood in all of our local communities in this area and do the same thing. In order to keep the supply for the hospitals that we need we need to collect almost every single day of the week to satisfy the hospitals in the area,” said Mckee.

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