School Bus Confusion

KIMT News 3 – Recent school bus scares have many north Iowa parents looking to find better ways to monitor their children.

As students make their way back into the classrooms, many parents wonder how school bus transportation is helping to make sure their children make it home safely.

One north Iowa school superintendent says there are rules in place but communication between parents and school officials are important.

“We do not deviate from where we drop off students without having talked to the parents. If a student would come on the bus and say, “I’m supposed to do to so and so house,” they’re not allowed to until the bus driver calls back to the office and we make contact with the parents,” said Jody Gray, Superintendent for St. Ansgar District Schools.

Jody also mentions that if you’re at all concerned about your children’s bus routes, make sure to contact you’re local transportation director.

“I think it’s extremely important. When we have registration at the beginning of each year, we set out giving information on what their bus routes, pick up times would be, who their driver is, the number of the bus. Those types of things,” said Gray.

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