One north Iowa veteran’s take on Syria


BRITT, Iowa – We’ve heard much about the escalating tensions in Syria – including what lawmakers in Washington think about the idea of the u-s getting involved.

The President is seeking congressional approval for a military strike, and now congress is holding its first public hearing on it.

And now, we’re hearing from those with a unique perspective those with military experience.

“No, I don’t think we should go to Syria.”

Bill Cloud has a military career spanning more than 3 decades and multiple wars, and while he has fought many battles for this country, he doesn’t think Syria should be one of them.

“I’ve been in those countries; I’ve been in a few years of combat, several years. I’ve seen the destruction of the rebels, if in fact they are rebels, I don’t know that.”

Cloud, along with two other north Iowa VFW Auxiliary members, is talking with us about the possible US involvement with the war-torn country.

In recent days, it’s come to light that the Assad Regime used chemical weapons in a Damascus suburb; that’s against international law.

The US wants leaders there to know there are consequences for that.

And that’s where president Obama’s call to action just doesn’t settle with everyone.

“He does not want everything on his shoulders. That’s the only thing. Any repercussions, he has someone else to blame,” adds Cloud.

The White House is busy trying to convince lawmakers that attacking Syrians targets is the right thing to do.

“It is proportional, it is limited. It does not involve boots on the ground. It is not Iraq. It is not Afghanistan,” says Obama.

Convincing the American people isn’t necessary for the US government but those with close ties to the military-like Cloud’s wife Jean are emotionally invested.

“I don’t like seeing the women and children massacred the way they’ve been,” she says.

It’s a sentiment echoed by others.

“If we don’t help what’s going to happen? And that’s a big question, I’m sure everybody’s concerned,” says Auxiliary Member Blanche Chizek.

And it could be a week, before the rest of the world knows what lies in Syria’s future.

Congress is still technically on their summer recess, and the President is heading to Russia for the G-20 summit today and won’t be back until Friday.

A decision is expected sometime next week.

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