Arnold wins economic development award

Matt Arnold, president of the Marshall County Economic Development Council, was recently awarded the North Alabama Industrial Development Association President’s Award for Excellence in local economic development.

Tate Godfrey, NAIDA president and CEO, presented Arnold the award during the NAIDA annual Industrial Development Conference, held at The Westin in Huntsville on Aug. 28. kAmpC?@=5[ H9@ H2D DFCAC:D65 H:E9 E96 9@?@C[ D2:5 E96 2H2C5 H2D “C62==J 4@@=]”k^Am kAm“xE H2D 8C62E[” 96 D2:5] “xE’D 2=H2JD ?:46 E@ 36 9@?@C65 3J J@FC A66CD @C C64@8?:K65 😕 J@FC AC@76DD:@?]”k^Am kAm%96 }pxsp !C6D:56?E’D pH2C5 7@C 6I46==6?46 C64@8?:K6D 2 =@42= 64@?@>:4 56G6=@A>6?E AC@76DD:@?2= 😕 }@CE9 p=2 32>2 H9@ 6I6>A=:7:6D E96 9:896DE DE2?52C5D @7 E96 AC@76DD:@?]k^Am kAmxE 😀 AC6D6?E65 E@ 2 AC@76DD:@?2= H9@ “D9@HD 565:42E:@? E@ E96:C 4@>>F?:EJ[ 9:89 DFAA@CE 7@C C68:@?2= 64@?@>:4 56G6=@A>6?E[ 4@?E:?F@FD=J 6I9:3:ED 9:89 AC@76DD:@?2= DE2?52C5D[ 😀 4@?D:DE6?E 2?5 DE62572DE 😕 E96:C 677@CED 2?5 2=H2JD 5:DA=2JD 4C62E:G:EJ 2?5 E62>H@C<[” 244@C5:?8 E@ :?7@C>2E:@? D6?E 3J E96 @C82?:K2E:@?]k^Am kAm“|2EE pC?@=5 92D 5@?6 2 8C62E ;@3 @G6C E96 J62CD 7@C |2CD92== r@F?EJ[ 2?5 96 92D 366? 2 4@?D:DE6?E[ C6=:23=6 C68:@?2= A2CE?6C 😕 }@CE9 p=232>2[” v@57C6J D2:5]k^Am kAm“%96 }6H>2? %649?@=@8J 2FE@>@E:G6 DFAA=:6C AC@;64E 😕 p=36CEG:==6 😀 ;FDE @?6 6I2>A=6 @7 |2EE’D 92C5 H@C< E@ 3C:?8 ;@3D 2?5 :?G6DE>6?E E@ 9:D 4@>>F?:EJ]”k^Am kAmpC?@=5 2?5 E96 |rtsr E62> 92G6 D66? D6G6C2= DF446DD7F= AC@;64ED 4@>6 E@ 7CF:E:@? 😕 E96 A2DE J62C[ :?4=F5:?8 3C:?8:?8 }6H>2? %649?@=@8J 2?5 $@FE96C? !2C2==6= 4@>A2?:6D E@ p=36CEG:==6[ 2D H6== 2D E96 6IA2?D:@? @7 r@=@C>2DE6CD 2?5 (2CC6? s:DEC:3FE:@?]k^Am kAm“t249 4@>>F?:EJ 😕 }@CE9 p=232>2 😀 3=6DD65 H:E9 4@>A6E6?E[ H6==EC2:?65 2?5 6IA6C:6?465 64@?@>:4 56G6=@A>6?E AC@76DD:@?2=D[” v@57C6J D2:5] “%9:D 2H2C5[ AC6D6?E65 3J E96 DE277 @7 }pxsp[ 😀 :?E6?565 E@ C64@8?:K6 E92E AC@76DD:@?2= H9@ 92D 8@?6 E96 6IEC2 >:=6 5FC:?8 E96 A2DE J62C] %96 2H2C5 😀 :?E6?565 E@ 36 2 D>2== D:8? @7 2AAC64:2E:@? 7@C 2 ;@3 H6== 5@?6]”k^Am kAmpC?@=5 AC2:D65 9:D DE277 2?5 E96 |rtsr 3@2C5 @7 5:C64E@CD 7@C E96:C H@C< 😕 2== @7 E96 |rtsr AC@;64ED]k^Am kAm“p?J <:?5 @7 DF446DD H6 92G6[ x 42? E9C@H :E C:89E 324< @? E96>[” 96 D2:5] “(6 92G6 2 C62==J 8C62E AC@76DD:@?2= DE277[ 2?5 H6’C6 2== 😕 E9@D6 AC@;64ED] xE’D ?@E ;FDE >6] xE E2<6D 2 E62>] x H@F=5 D2J E96J’C6 ;FDE 2D >F49 2 A2CE @7 >J DF446DD6D @7 E92E 2H2C5 2D 2?JE9:?8 6=D6]”k^Am kAmpC?@=5[ 2 q:C>:?892> ?2E:G6[ 92D H@C<65 😕 64@?@>:4 56G6=@A>6?E 7@C `f J62CD] w6 D6CG65 2D 64@?@>:4 56G6=@A6C 2?5 492>36C @7 4@>>6C46 6I64FE:G6 5:C64E@C 7@C q:33 r@F?EJ 367@C6 E2<:?8 2 A@D:E:@? H:E9 E96 |rtsr 😕 a___] pC?@=5 H2D ?2>65 AC6D:56?E @7 E96 |rtsr 😕 a__`]k^Am kAmpC?@=5 2?5 9:D H:76[ p?;2?6EE6[ 92G6 366? >2CC:65 2=>@DE `h J62CD] %96J 92G6 EH@ 52F89E6CD[ |255:6[ `e[ 2?5 r9=@6[ `c[ 2?5 2 D@? |:==6C[ `_]k^Am

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