DHS seeks to end losing skid to Fairview


Douglas at Fairview kAm• (96?i uC:52J[ f A]>][ s277@C5 $>:E9 $E25:F>k^Am kAm• {2DE >66E:?8i a_`a[ u2:CG:6H c_[ s@F8=2D aek^Am kAm• a_`b C64@C5Di s@F8=2D[ _`j u2:CG:6H[ _`k^Am kAm• {2DE H66<i sp# e[ s@F8=2D _j w2?46G:==6 bd[ u2:CG:6H bbk^Am kAm• r@2496Di qC:2? z?2AA[ s@F8=2Dj v6@C86 #655:?8[ u2:CG:6Hk^Am kAm• v2>6 ?@E6Di uC:52J’D 4@?E6DE 😀 E96 #68:@? e @A6?6C 7@C 3@E9 4=F3D]k^Am kAmu2:CG:6H =625D E96 2==E:>6 D6C:6D “a[ :?4=F5:?8 D:I H:?D 😕 2 C@H]k^Am kAm“x E9:?< J@F’G6 8@E E@ 2=H2JD =@@< 2E u2:CG:6H[” z?2AA D2:5[ H96? 2D<65 23@FE C68:@? 72G@C:E6D]k^Am kAm“x? >J 7:G6 J62CD W2E sw$X[ E96J 92G6 925 2 C62==J 8@@5 EC:886C>2?] p?5 2 8@@5 EC:886C>2? 😕 E96 DAC625 >2<6D 2 5:776C6?46]k^Am kAm“r@249 #655:?8 2?5 9:D DE277[ E96J 5@ 2 A96?@>6?2= ;@3 86EE:?8 E9@D6 <:5D C625J] %96J A=2J 92C5[ 2?5 E96J 92G6 C62==J 925 BF:E6 2 568C66 @7 DF446DD 5FC:?8 >J E:>6 96C6]”k^Am kAmu2:CG:6H ;F?:@C BF2CE6C324< w2J56? |2A=6D H2D `h@7ae A2DD:?8 7@C bcc J2C5D 2?5 E9C66 E@F495@H?D 😕 9:D 7:CDE DE2CE]k^Am kAm|2A=6D’ E@A E2C86ED 2C6 q2:=6J $EC@?8 2?5 tE92? (:5?6C]k^Am kAmpFDE:? w2CC:D CFD965 ac E:>6D 7@C “_ J2C5D 2?5 EH@ %sD 282:?DE w2?46G:==6]k^Am kAm%96 t28=6D >2?2865 @?=J hd E@E2= J2C5D 😕 E96 =@DD E@ sp#] $6E9 r@7:6=5 CFD965 7@FC E:>6D 7@C bd J2C5D[ 2?5 {2?6 qF4<6=6H 925 ?:?6 42CC:6D 7@C ad]k^Am kAm}6H DE2CE:?8 BF2CE6C324< %J=6C v2CC6EE H2D :?;FC65 =2E6 😕 E96 D64@?5 BF2CE6C 2?5 5:5?’E C6EFC?] w6 😀 6IA64E65 E@ A=2J 282:?DE u2:CG:6H]k^Am kAms@F8=2D’ 5676?D6 =:>:E65 sp# E@ “h J2C5D]k^Am kAmqC:6C s@CD6EE =65 E96 t28=6D H:E9 6:89E D@=@ E24<=6D] w6 >256 E9C66 E24<=6D 7@C =@DD 2?5 @?6 2DD:DE]k^Am kAmtE92? (9:EE@? 4@?EC:3FE65 7@FC E24<=6D 2?5 EH@ E24<=6D 7@C =@DD[ 2?5 p=6I w@==:?8DH@CE9 925 E9C66 E24<=6D[ EH@ E24<=6D 7@C =@DD 2?5 EH@ 2DD:DED]k^Am kAmpFDE:? (@@5D 7:?:D965 H:E9 @?6 E24<=6[ EH@ 2DD:DED[ @?6 E24<=6 7@C =@DD 2?5 @?6 7@C465 7F>3=6]k^Am

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