Former grad gives back to Boaz theater program

Boaz art teacher Jeff Davis predicts Jade Rice will be in movies and on TV one day.

The 2007 graduate of Boaz High School returned to her alma mater Wednesday to give budding theater students tips and hints on the business. kAm“y256 😀 8@:?8 E@ 36 @? %’ @C 😕 E96 >@G:6D @?6 52J[” s2G:D D2:5] “*@F’C6 8@:?8 E@ 36 23=6 E@ D2J D96 42>6 E@ J@FC 9:89 D49@@= @?6 52J 2?5 H@C<65 H:E9 J@F] *@F 42? D2J J@F <?6H 96C]”k^Am kAm#:46 E@=5 DEF56?ED D96 5:5?’E 92G6 E96 E962E6C 6IA6C:6?46 😕 9:89 D49@@= E96J 4FCC6?E=J 5@[ 2D q@2K w:89’D E962EC6 AC@8C2> 5:5 ?@E 6I:DE F?E:= a_`a]k^Am kAmqFE D96 5:5?’E =6E E92E 56C2:= 96C 5C62>D]k^Am kAm$96 H6?E @? E96 2EE6?5 v25D56? $E2E6 r@>>F?:EJ r@==686 2?5 E96 &?:G6CD:EJ @7 |@?E6G2==@ H96C6 D96 62C?65 32496=@CD 568C66D 😕 t?8=:D9 2?5 E962E6C 😕 s646>36C]k^Am kAm$96’D 4FCC6?E=J AC6A2C:?8 7@C FA4@>:?8 2F5:E:@?D H:E9 D6G6C2= E962E6C 4@>A2?:6D 2?5 92D 9@A6D @7 4@?E:?F:?8 H@C< 😕 E96 E962E6C 2D 2? 24EC6DD[ 5:C64E@C 2?5 A=2JHC:89E]k^Am kAm(9:=6 2E |@?E6G2==@[ D96 A6C7@C>65 😕 “%96 w6:5: r9C@?:4=6D[” “w62CE3C62< w@FD6” 2?5 “#F>@CD[” 2>@?8 @E96CD]k^Am kAms2G:D’ DEF56?ED 82E96C65 😕 E96 D49@@=’D 2F5:E@C:F> 62C=J (65?6D52J >@C?:?8 7@C E96:C D6DD:@? H:E9 #:46[ E2=<:?8 H:E9 96C[ =:DE6?:?8 E@ 96C A6C7@C> >@?@=@8F6D 2?5 5@:?8 G@42= 2?5 E62>3F:=5:?8 6I6C4:D6D]k^Am kAm$EF56?ED 82E96C65 @? DE286 E@ A=2J “+:A[ +2A[ +@@>[” 2? 6I6C4:D6 H96C6 24E@CD FD6 3@5J =2?8F286 E@ D6?5 6?6C8J 7C@> @?6 E@ 2?@E96C] %96 6?6C86E:4 2?5 ?@:DJ 6I6C4:D6 3F:=5D E62>H@C< 2?5 4@>>F?:42E:@? D<:==D[ 3FE DEF56?ED >2J ?@E 92G6 F?56CDE@@5 E92E 7@C 2== E96 7F? E96J H6C6 92G:?8]k^Am kAmkDEC@?8mw:89 D49@@=k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAm#:46 6?4@FC2865 DEF56?ED E@ 92G6 7F? H9:=6 😕 D49@@=[ E@ 36 A2CE @7 6G6CJ 24E:G:EJ 2?5 E62> E96J 2C6 :?E6C6DE65 😕 2?5 H@C< 92C5 2E 2== E96J 5@]k^Am kAm“*@F’C6 8@:?8 E@ 72:= 2E D@>6 E9:?8D[ 3FE E96 <6J 😀 E@ ECJ 282:?[” D96 D2:5] “w:89 D49@@= 6?5D 6G6?EF2==J] s@?’E 36 27C2:5 E@ 72:=]k^Am kAm“%2<6 4C:E:4:D> 2?5 D2J E92?< J@F] {62C? H9@ J@F 42? ECFDE E@ 8:G6 J@F 25G:46 2?5 4C:E:4:D>] s@?’E =:DE6? E@ ;FDE 2?J@?6] x 925 2 =@G6^92E6 C6=2E:@?D9:A H:E9 D49@@=] qFE H96E96C J@F =@G6 :E @C 92E6 :E[ H@C< 92C5]”k^Am kAm#:46 FC865 DEF56?ED E@ =62C? DA64:2= D<:==D[ H92E6G6C E9@D6 >:89E 36]k^Am kAm“x 92G6 2 7C:6?5 H9@ 42? 5@ 2 C62==J 8C62E ‘=:K2C5 7246[’” D96 D2:5] “$96’D 8@E E92E =:DE65 @? 96C C6DF>6]”k^Am kAm$96 2=D@ E@=5 DEF56?ED DA64:2= D<:==D 4@F=5 :?4=F56 92G:?8 2 5C:G6C’D @C 3@2E6C’D =:46?D6[ 4@?DECF4E:@? D<:==D @C 5:2=64ED]k^Am kAm“#62==J :E 42? 36 2?JE9:?8] {:DE 2?JE9:?8 :?E6C6DE:?8 J@F 42? 5@[” #:46 D2:5]k^Am kAmkDEC@?8mpF5:E:@?Dk^DEC@?8mk^Am kAm#:46 E@=5 DEF56?ED 2F5:E:@?D 2C6 2 =2C86 A2CE @7 36:?8 2? 24E@C[ 36 :E @? DE286[ 😕 7C@?E @7 E96 42>6C2 @C 😕 @E96C C@=6D]k^Am kAmpF5:E:@?D 2C6 ?@E 5:776C6?E E92? DA@CED E62> ECJ@FED[ D96 D2:5]k^Am kAm“%96 7:CDE E:>6 J@F 6?E6C E96 C@@> 2?5 J@F 2C6 D66?[ J@F 2C6 2F5:E:@?:?8[” #:46 D2:5] “u:?5 J@FC =:89E] vC@F?5 J@FCD6=7] qC62E96] $@>6E:>6D E96 92C56DE A2CE 😀 E@ 86E FA E96C6 2?5 D2J J@FC ?2>6] #6>6>36C E9:D 😀 J@FC 2F5:E:@?] %2<6 J@FC E:>6]”k^Am kAm$96 E@=5 DEF56?ED E@ 4@?D:56C 92G:?8 4@?EC2DE:?8 D@?8D @C >@?@=@8F6D C625J E@ D9@H E96:C E2=6?ED]k^Am kAm“w2G6 2 4@?E6>A@C2CJ A:646[ 2 4=2DD:4 A:646 2?5 2 5C2>2E:4 A:646 C625J[” D96 D2:5] “*@F 42? FD6 E96 @?6 E92E 7:ED E96 C@=6 J@F 2C6 ECJ:?8 7@C @C J@F 42? FD6 2?@E96C E@ D9@H J@FC C2?86]”k^Am kAmq6:?8 2 H6==C@F?565 DEF56?E 😀 2=D@ :>A@CE2?E[ #:46 D2:5]k^Am kAm“w:DE@CJ 😀 :>A@CE2?E[” D96 D2:5] “|2?J A=2JD 2?5 D9@HD 2C6 32D65 @? 9:DE@C:42= 6G6?ED 2?5 E96 766=:?8D 2?5 C624E:@?D E@ E9@D6 6G6?ED] t?8=:D9 H:== 96=A J@F =62C? =2?8F286 DECF4EFC6 2?5 >62?:?8]k^Am kAm“{62C? 2?5 C625 2== J@F 42? E@ 364@>6 H6==C@F?565]”k^Am kAmkDEC@?8muFEFC6 A=2?Dk^DEC@?8mk^Am kAm#:46 H2?ED E@ 4@?E:?F6 H@C<:?8 H:E9 E962E6C[ 3FE D2:5 D96 <?@HD :E 😀 2 E@F89 2?5 F?AC65:4E23=6 7:6=5]k^Am kAm“x H2?E E@ 24E 2?5 36 2 A=2JHC:89E[” D96 D2:5] “x’G6 2=C625J HC:EE6? @?6 A=2J[ 3FE x H2?E E@ 5@ >@C6] x H2?E E@ <66A 5:C64E:?8]k^Am kAm“#:89E ?@H x’> ECJ:?8 E@ 36 ~z H:E9 E96 F?<?@H?] x? E962EC6[ E96C6 H:== 36 E:>6D J@F 2C6 H@C<:?8 2?5 @E96C E:>6D H96? J@F 2C6 ?@E H@C<:?8]k^Am kAm“xE 😀 C62==J 62DJ E@ 5@F3E J@FCD6=7 2?5 DE2CE E@ 7C62< @FE] qFE J@F 92G6 E@ 36 ~z H:E9 E96 F?<?@H? 2?5 <?@H 4:C4F>DE2?46D 42? 492?86]”k^Am kAm$96 H@F=5 2=D@ =:<6 E@ AFCDF6 24E:?8 @? 7:=>[ 3FE E92E 86?C6 😀 4@>A=6E6=J 5:776C6?E 7C@> E962EC6 24E:?8[ D96 D2:5]k^Am kAm“%96 42>6C2 😀 2 D>2== A=2E7@C>] %96 42>6C2 <?@HD :7 J@F 2C6 =J:?8[” D96 D2:5] “x =:<6 =:G6 E962E6C] p?JE9:?8 42? 92AA6? 2?5 FDF2==J 5@6D]k^Am kAm“%9:?8D H:== 8@ HC@?8] !C@AD H:== 72==] %96 492==6?86 😀 😕 >2<:?8 H92E 92AA6?D D66> =:<6 :E H2D DFAA@D65 E@ 92AA6? D62>=6DD=J] *@F’== 36 =:<6[ ‘~9[ 96C6’D >J 4FA] x’== ;FDE AFE E92E 2H2J 7@C ?@H]’ %96? J@F >@G6 @? 😕 E96 D46?6]k^Am kAm“xE 92D E@ =@@< ?2EFC2=] *@F 42? 5@ :E]”k^Am kAmkDEC@?8mv:G:?8 324<k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAms2G:D D2:5 96 H2D :>AC6DD65 H:E9 #:46’D 4@>>:E>6?E E@ C6EFC? E@ qw$ E@ >66E H:E9 DEF56?ED]k^Am kAm“$96 8@E 😕 E@F49 H:E9 >6 @G6C E96 x?E6C?6E 2?5 D2:5 D96 H2D :>AC6DD65 H:E9 FD 92G:?8 2 AC@8C2> ?@H[” s2G:D D2:5] “x 8@E 324< 😕 E@F49 H:E9 96C 2?5 2D<65 96C :7 D96 H@F=5 4@>6 2?5 E2=< E@ @FC DEF56?ED] $96 D2:5 D96 H@F=5 2?5 x’> 8=25 D96 5:5]k^Am kAm“$96 E@=5 >6 D96 H:D965 E96C6 925 366? 2 E962EC6 AC@8C2> H96? D96 H2D 2 DEF56?E 96C6[ 3FE :E H2D?’E >62?E E@ 36]k^Am kAm“$96 5:5?’E =6E E92E DE@A 96C 2?5 D96 H6?E @? E@ >2;@C 😕 E962EC6]”k^Am kAm#:46 D2:5 2=E9@F89 D96 766=D 72C 7C@> 36:?8 2? 6IA6CE[ 8:G:?8 4FCC6?E DEF56?ED 2 =68 FA 😀 E96 C:89E E9:?8 E@ 5@]k^Am kAm“%9:D 😀 E96 DEF77 x H:D9 x H@F=5 92G6 <?@H? H96? x H2D 2 DEF56?E[” D96 D2:5] “%9:D DEF77 – =62C?:?8 23@FE 9625D9@ED 2?5 C6DF>6D[ H92E 3@@<D E@ C625[ H92E A=2JHC:89ED 2C6 E96 36DE 😕 >J @A:?:@? – :E’D 2== :>A@CE2?E :?7@C>2E:@? x H:D9 x H@F=5 92G6 925 2446DD E@ 62C=:6C]”k^Am

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