Our View: Matt Arnold NAIDA award is well deserved

Congratulations to Matt Arnold for being awarded the North Alabama Industrial Development Association’s Award for Excellence in local economic development.

The award recognizes an economic development professional in North Alabama who exemplifies the highest standards of the profession. It was presented to Arnold in August at NAIDA’s annual convention and the honor is well deserved. kAmpC?@=5 92D 366? 2? @FEDE2?5:?8 2>32DD25@C 7@C |2CD92== r@F?EJ D:?46 96 3642>6 AC6D:56?E @7 E96 |2CD92== r@F?EJ t4@?@>:4 s6G6=@A>6?E r@F?4:=😕 a__`] }pxsp AC6D:56?E %2E6 v@57C6J D2:5[ ““|2EE pC?@=5 92D 5@?6 2 8C62E ;@3 @G6C E96 J62CD 7@C |2CD92== r@F?EJ[ 2?5 96 92D 366? 2 4@?D:DE6?E[ C6=:23=6 C68:@?2= A2CE?6C😕 }@CE9 p=232>2]”k^Am kAm#646?E=J[ pC?@=5 92D 96=A65 D64FC6 ;@3D 7@C @FC 2C62😕 C64CF:E:?8 }6H>2? %649?@=@8J E@ p=36CEG:==6[ 2?5 96’D 366? :?7=F6?E:2=😕 E96 6IA2?D:@? @7 2 ?F>36C @7 @E96C :?5FDEC:6D😕 |2CD92== r@F?EJ]k^Am kAm|2CD92== r@F?EJ😀 7@CEF?2E6 E@ 92G6 |2EE pC?@=5 C6AC6D6?E:?8 FD😕 @FC 677@CED E@ D64FC6 >@C6 ;@3D 7@C @FC 2C62]k^Am kAm~FC ‘:6H @? E96 xDDF6😀 2? @A:?:@? @7 %96 #6A@CE6C’D 65:E@C:2= 3@2C5 E92E :?4=F56D !F3=:D96C q6? $9FC6EE[ |2?28:?8 t5:E@C y@?2E92? $E:?D@? 2?5 p5 s:C64E@C p52> #9@56?]k^Am

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