Sardis prepares for new-look Locust Fork team

The Sardis Lions scored a school-record 68 points and rolled up 621 yards total offense in a 68-48 victory over Locust Fork in last season’s Class 4A, Region 6 opener.

“That game lasted three hours and 30 minutes. We should’ve got paid overtime for that one,” said Sardis head coach Gene Hill. “It’s the longest game I’ve ever been a part of. It was a shootout.” kAmw:== 5@6D?’E 6IA64E 2 D9@@E@FE H96? E96 {:@?D 2?5 w@C?6ED 4@==:56 uC:52J ?:89E 2E $2C5:D $E25:F>😕 E96:C a_`b C68:@? @A6?6C] z:4<@77😀 D4965F=65 7@C f]k^Am kAm{@4FDE u@C< 92D 2 ?6H 9625 4@249😕 r9C:D |FDD@[ H9@ AF?E65 E96 DAC625 2EE24< E96 w@C?6ED FE:=:K65 =2DE J62C😕 72G@C @7 E96 H:?8%]k^Am kAm{@4FDE u@C< @A6?65 H:E9 2 aea_ H:? @G6C }6H w@A6]k^Am kAm“%96:C ?6H 4@249😀 E96 |FDD@ 8FJ H9@ H2D 2E y@9? r2CC@== W:? q:C>:?892>X[” w:== D2:5] “x E9:?< 96’D 7C@> {@4FDE u@C< @C:8:?2==J]k^Am kAm“%96J 92G6 2 E@E2==J 5:776C6?E =@@<] %96:C }@] ` 7@C>2E:@?😀 2 H:?8%] %96J CF? E96 @AE:@? @FE @7 E96 H:?8% 2?5 E96 BF2CE6C324< 24EF2==J C625D :E[ 2?5 J@F 5@?’E D66 E92E >F49 2?J>@C6]k^Am kAm“%96J C2? E96 32== AC6EEJ 8@@5 282:?DE }6H w@A6 2?5 E9C6H :E 6?@F89 E@ <66A J@F 9@?6DE @? 5676?D6] qFE E96J’C6 ?@H96C6 ?62C E96 DAC625 =@@< E96J 925 =2DE J62C]”k^Am kAm%96 w@C?6ED’ E@A 324<D 2C6 y@D9 %2H3FD9 2?5 %@55 v@@5H:?]k^Am kAm“}@] e W%2H3FD9X 92D D@>6 8@@5 DA665[ 2?5 96’D E96:C }@] ` 8@E@ 8FJ[ “ 96 D2:5] “}@] h Wv@@5H:?X😀 2 3:8 7F==324<] w6’D 2=D@ E96:C ‘|:<6’ =:?6324<6C] w6 CF?D :E AC6EEJ 92C5]”k^Am kAm%2H3FD9 =65 {@4FDE u@C< H:E9 hd J2C5D @? “ CFD96D 282:?DE }6H w@A6]k^Am kAmw@C?6ED’ BF2CE6C324< zJ=6 w@C?3F4<=6 H2D d@7`a A2DD:?8 7@C dd J2C5D 2?5 2 E@F495@H?]k^Am kAm{@4FDE u@C< H2D A6?2=:K65 @?=J @?46 7@C d J2C5D]k^Am kAm$2C5:D😀 a_😕 C68:@? @A6?6CD F?56C w:==]k^Am kAm“(6 AC6249 E@ E96 <:5D E92E 2== C68:@? 82>6D 4@F?E 2D @?6 ?@ >2EE6C H9@ J@F A=2J[ 2?5 :E’D 2 9F86 82>6[” 96 D2:5]k^Am kAm“x’> DFC6 E96J’C6 E9:?<:?8 E96 D2>6 E9:?8] %96J H2?E E@ 4@>6😕 96C6 2?5 86E 2 C68:@? H:? 2?5 86E 2 =68 FA @? 86EE:?8 7@FC H:?D[ H9:49😀 H92E J@F D9@@E 7@C E@ 86E😕 E96 A=2J@77D]”k^Am kAm%96 {:@?D C24<65 FA cdh E@E2= J2C5D😕 2 D62D@?@A6?:?8 c`aa G:4E@CJ @G6C $J=G2?:2]k^Am kAm$6?:@C BF2CE6C324< (:== $4@EE H2D d@7`_ A2DD:?8 7@C `_a J2C5D 2?5 E9C66 E@F495@H?D]k^Am kAm“(:== E9C6H E96 32== H6==[” w:== D2:5] “w6 5:5?’E 92G6 E@ E9C@H :E E92E >F49[ 3FE 96 H2D 67764E:G6 H96? 96 E9C6H :E[ 2?5 E92E =@@D6?D FA E96 5676?D6 H96? J@F 5@ E92E]k^Am kAm“x E9@F89E @FC @776?D:G6 =:?6 3=@4<65 C62==J H6==] %96J 8@E 3@5:6D @? 3@5:6D]k^Am kAm“z66?2? W{6H:DX 2?5 y6DD6 WwF332C5X =65 E96 H2J H:E9 CFD9:?8 J2C5286[ 3FE qC2F? W!66X C2? :E 8@@5 2?5 qCJ2? }@3=:EE C2? :E D@>6]k^Am kAm“$6G6C2= 8FJD E@F4965 E96 32==[ 2?5 E92E’D H92E x H2D =@@<:?8 7@C😀 E92E 8C@FA E@ E2<6 FA E96 D=24<]”k^Am kAm{6H:D CFD965 “ E:>6D 7@C `d` J2C5D] wF332C5 82:?65 `aa J2C5D @? 6:89E 42CC:6D[ 2?5 !66 7:?:D965 H:E9 fd J2C5D @? D:I CFD96D]k^Am kAmqC6EE #2:?D 42F89E EH@ A2DD6D 7@C fa J2C5D[ :?4=F5:?8 2 d_J2C5 %s DEC:<6 7C@> $4@EE]k^Am kAm“qC6EE 925 2 3:8 ?:89E 2E C646:G6C[” w:== D2:5] “w6 925 D@>6 3:8 42E496D[ 2?5 H6’C6 =@@<:?8 2E 9:> 36:?8 @FC 3:8A=2J C646:G6C]k^Am kAm“qC6EE <:?5 @7 DEC6E4965 E96 7:6=5 7@C FD[ 2?5 8@:?8 @G6C E96 E@A😀 D@>6E9:?8 H6 ?665 E@ 36 23=6 E@ 5@ H96? E96J H2=< A6@A=6 5@H? E96C6 E@ DE@A E96 CF?]”k^Am kAmwF332C5 42F89E @?6 A2DD 7@C `d J2C5D 2?5 2 E@F495@H?] w6 2=D@ CFD965 7@C 2 A2:C @7 %sD]k^Am kAmpFDE:? w2==>2C< 925 2 C646AE:@? 7@C h J2C5D[ 2?5 %C:DE2? |4rFC=6J 42F89E @?6 A2DD 7@C e J2C5D]k^Am kAm$2C5:D’ DE2CE:?8 5676?D6 2==@H65 @?=J ?:?6 A@:?ED] %96 #2>D D4@C65 EH@ E@F495@H?D😕 E96 7:?2= D:I >:?FE6D @7 E96 82>6[ @?6 @7 E96> @? 2 edJ2C5 AF?E C6EFC?]k^Am kAm“%92E H2D E@E2==J >J 72F=E[” w:== D2:5] “(6 AF?E65 @FE @7 2? @776?D:G6 7@C>2E:@?] %92E H2D 5F>3 2?5 H6 D9@F=5?’E 92G6 5@?6 E92E[ 2?5 H6 82G6 E96> 2 E@F495@H? E96C6]”k^Am kAm%96 {:@?D H@? E96 4@:? E@DD 2?5 5676CC65[ 2?5 w:== D2:5 9:D 5676?D6 249:6G65 :ED 8@2= @7 7@C4:?8 E96 #2>D :?E@ 2 E9C662?5@FE]k^Am kAm“%96J AF?E65 2?5 H6 8@E 8@@5 7:6=5 A@D:E:@?[ 2?5 H6 H6?E 5@H? 2?5 D4@C65[” w:== D2:5] “(6 76=E 8@@5 23@FE E92E]k^Am kAm“qFE 27E6C E96?[ @FC 5676?D6 <:?5 @7 <:4<65 :E😕 ?6FEC2=] ~FC 5676?D6😀 2 =@E 36EE6C E92? H92E E96J A=2J65[ 2?5 H6’C6 H@C<:?8 @? E92E E9:D H66<]”k^Am kAmwF332C5 A2465 E96 {:@?D H:E9 “ E24<=6D] q@E9 }@3=:EE 2?5 !66 925 D6G6? 2?5 %C6?E }@@;:? 2?5 w2==>2C< D:I 6249]k^Am kAmr@=E@? $2=6CD[ r@5J %FC<[ s2=E@? r2D6J 2?5 q=256 ~8=6 2== 4@?EC:3FE65 7:G6 E24<=6D] r2C=@D |F6==6C 925 7@FC DE@AD 2?5 #2:?D E9C66]k^Am kAm$2C5:D😀 `ba😕 C68:@? 82>6D F?56C w:==] %96 {:@?D H6?E g_ 2?5 H@? 2 bp C68:@? 4C@H?😕 a_“] {2DE J62C[ E96J 7:?:D965 da😕 E96:C 7:CDE D62D@?😕 cp D:?46 `hhf]k^Am

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